The “new” face of ad-blockers

November 4, 2016

The store is almost empty, its close to closing time. Four rugged looking men walks through the door. The few customers still in the store feel uncomfortable so they walk out, almost a little rushed. Now you, the store owner, is alone with these men. You are worried, you know who they are. - Nice little store you have here, too bad if no customers came back, pay us or we will not let them in, one of the men says.

This is usually just a scene from another bad television show that you probably shouldn’t be watching. But this is now happening on our internetz, the pipes are filling up with all types of shady ad-blocking products (browsers, browser plugins and routers). These “services” is nothing more than leaches, who wraps the users within their paywall, claiming to have your interests at hearts, but probably have their own pockets much dearer.

Are you enjoying free services online, please do not use these products. If you think a website is too heavy due to ads, contact them. Or stop using them, vote with your visits.